Monday, March 31, 2014

Hanging Capiz Globe Chandelier

Giant Capiz Globe Chandelier made of natural white capiz shells perfect for your home decoration as hanging chandelier or capiz lantern lights. Our customer really appreciate this kind of lighting home decoration because it can bring lighting fixture in your room and also everywhere you like to place. During Christmas season this giant lantern chandelier is perfect also for your home surroundings both indoor or outdoor lighting materials. Not only Christmas season but the entire season you can use this as hanging chandelier for lighting decoration. We manufacture all kinds of this capiz chandelier in any size and shape as long as customer really they want.

Not only this kind of hanging chandelier we make or manufacture we have also also any kinds of Capiz Chandelier in chrome plated frames, Chandelier Wooden frames, Jumbo size Chandelier, long size chandelier and Capiz Lotus Chandelier.

We are probably the biggest capiz shells supplier like capiz chips, capiz shapes, raw of capiz, capiz in strands, loose capiz chips, capiz components and Capiz Product manufacturer like hanging chandelier, table lamps, floor lamps, globe chandelier, lotus chandelier, candle holder, picture frames, walling panels and many more made in the island Philippines.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

White Rose Shell Necklace in Neon Colors | Philippines Jewelry

This year, fashion jewelry craze colors is neon colors. But the unique for this neon color jewelry is made of white rose shell as necklaces. This fashion shell necklaces is very popular and designed in every occasion. Available in any kinds of neon colors as fit in every fashion outfit or occasion.

Jumbo Fashion Jewelry is the leading manufacturer of all Philippines fashion jewelry for export, not only white rose shell but any kind of seashells or natural components which is found only in the Philippine island. In fact Philippine fashion jewelry is the most affordable and very unique in terms of designs, creativity and competitively word wide. Most of our clients are from Asian, US and Europe.

You can make costume Shell Necklaces as you fit your fashion needs like colors, length and components. The more fashion jewelry you buy is the big discount wen can give you.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How to make Costume Fashion Jewelry Necklaces?

Jumbo Pacific Costume Fashion Jewelry Necklaces is the leading fashion jewelries and accessories manufactured and wholesale of all fashion necklaces made of seashells, wood, coconut, bamboo and many other components which is found in the Philippines. Number one supplier of handmade Philippine products for export like capiz shell products, home decoration, novelty gift items, shell tiles walling decoration and lot more.

We show you how to make a wonderful but unique costume fashion necklaces so that you can also make your own fashionable and stylish jewelries.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Costume Natural Philippine Handmade Shell Fashion Jewelry Products

Costume Philippines Handmade Shell Fashion Jewelry Products made from Natural seashells items from the Philippines natural seashells components like mother of pearl, kabibe shell, bonium shell, paua shell, abalone shell, puka shell, blacklip shell, MOP shell, brownlip shell and hammer shell. 

The leading and probably the best source of wholesale fashion shell jewelry,  fashion wood jewelry and  fashion coco jewelry for export worldwide. Unique handcrafted Philippine fashion jewelry collection of shell bracelets, shell necklaces, shell pendants and shell earrings fashion jewelry.

Number one and finest wholesale exporter of natural shell fashion jewelries and manufacturer of natural seashell items for gift and decoration, shell handicrafts, Philippine souveniers and all shell crafts for export. Philippine craftmen created more natural shell pendants, natural shell bangles, natural shell necklace, natural seashell bracelets and natural shell earrings products for looking more fashionable and stylish costume fashion jewelries.

Philippine Shells Fashion jewelry made by our best fashion designers, all original hand crafted Philippine costume jewelry designs. Choose from our puka shell components, fashion jewelry components, shell fashions, coco jewelry, pukka tiger heishe, Wood Jewelry, fashion accessories, shell jewelry inlay and Philippines handicraft such as natural shell necklace, natural shell bracelet, natural shell earrings and natural shell pendant collection.

All shell jewelry products are created uniquely by Jumbo Pacific, shell manufacturer and shell exporter of natural jewelry shell products.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Capiz Mother of Pearl Tile Panels, MOP Capiz Natural Wall Coverings, Hotel Wallpaper interior Wall Covering Ideas

Natural Wall Coverings and Surfacing made from Mother of Pearl Capiz Shells, MOP Shells and other seashells that could make the cover of your walls in a better more natural way. Its natural effect like stone or brick gives luxury and comfort to your interior wall covering ideas.

Natural Wall Covering and Wall Surfacing to add elegance and charm to the interior of your home, office, building, condominium, school, hotels and residence by our beautiful wall coverings and surfacing that are made from natural seashell materials like Mother of pearl shells and capiz shells. This beautiful wall covering is available in different design, color, style and finishes. The natural shell material is used to make this natural wall covering products are capiz shells, Mother of Pearl MOP shell, blacklip shells, brownlip shells and etc.

Natural Wall Coverings and surfacing are one of the finest Philippine capiz shell products that Jumbo Pacific is manufacturing for export. It adds life to the interior wall covering ideas of your home and office. The natural striking beauty of the Capiz shells, MOP shells, blacklip shells and brownlip shells are elegant and sophisticated while remaining reasonably priced. Our shell craftsmanship of making these natural wall covering is unique and in high standard. Our shell wall covering and surfacing products features many incredible natural finishes are beautiful, functional and cost-effective.

Jumbo Pacific Inc. is a supplier of quality mother of pearl natural shell tiles and wall panels for interior designers, building developers, architects, retail and trade. This capiz shell tiles and wall panels are manufactured for export quality. The natural materials that are used to make shell tiles are mop, capiz, blacklip, brownlip, paua, abalone and etc. Shell tiles and wall panels are use for interior design and interior wall covering ideas for the flooring and wall covering. The mother of pearl tiles and walling are used for capiz natural wall covering and surfacing for hotels, condominiums, offices, buildings and residential homes.

Mother of Pearl Tiles Manufacturer, Natural Capiz Walling Distributor and Capiz Mother of Pearl Shells Tiles Exporter
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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Philippines Jewelry Lattest Fashion Bracelets Collection

Philippine Jewelry Bracelets made from wood components, coco components, shell components and other natural components for making high fashion Philippine jewelry bracelets. Purely handmade from the finest and best makers of all modern fashion bracelets for exports worldwide. Each year we have NEW bracelets affordable wholesale price for all Fashion bracelets collection.

Costume jewelry bracelets is a fantastic way to get a luxurious look without breaking the bank. It is so decadent and rich looking that every fashion woman should own this fashion bracelets. In fact it will fit no matter what occasion dress you are wearing.

Wholesaler of all handmade Philippine bracelets shell jewelry bracelet for export. Philippines bracelet made of shell, coco, wood and any natural materials found in the Philippines.

The Leading Philippines natural jewelry shell bracelets exporter, Philippine natural ethnic shell bracelets jewelry wholesaler, Fashion handmade Jewelry Bracelet Collection and many more. If you are looking for Wholesale bracelets jewelry and Wholesale bracelets accessories in the Philippines, Jumbo Pacific Bracelets have a wide collection of wholesale jewellery and fashion bracelets jewelry wholesale in very affordable and economical price. Our clients buy per volume so that they can save more and give more big discount price for theme.

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